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  • 06/11/15--10:42: LA Cops – IM PLAYIN Review
  • Detective shows aren’t hard to find on television these days, CSI has had an active role on Channel 5 and CBS out in the States for 15 years now, not to mention the numerous spin offs it has, Law & Order for 20 years and the list goes on, but these are more serious than [&hellip

    The post LA Cops – IM PLAYIN Review appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    This week marks E3, as I’m sure every single one of you is aware. Yesterday saw the first press conference, from none other than Bethesda with Fallout 4 being one of the most eagerly anticipated announcements I’ve ever seen. To coincide with the new gameplay and information being released about Fallout, Bethesda saw fit to [&hellip

    The post Fallout Shelter – IM PLAYIN review appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    The title of this game really threw me off… how do I pronounce that? Is it move with an S in front? It looks like it should be S followed by the colour mauve? I’m so confused. Luckily, this simple and easy to play app, Smove, didn’t require much brainpower to get me through playing [&hellip

    The post Smove Over; there’s a new app in town appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    This game. I cant stop playing Catchers at times. Especially when I’m abroad, away from my beloved consoles. On my iPad I play it to death, every time an update comes out. The latest update came out at some point between the last time I was away and May, has added a new area, this time Chinatown, [&hellip

    The post Zombie Catchers! – I’m caught again appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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  • 07/30/15--09:12: IM PLAYIN H1Z1
  • We here at IM PLAYIN, absolutely love a good zombie. I don’t think, however, that I’ve played a better one than H1Z1. It has so much to offer us gamers and this is whilst its stilly in early development. It’s punishing, rewarding, vast, unique and I’m scared every time I see a foreign object on [&hellip

    The post IM PLAYIN H1Z1 appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    The first video game reviewer I truly watched and paid attention to was Yahtzee. I’m sure this is the case for many, many people out there. His way with words not only entertains but enlightens you as you follow his journey through games; as well as his insulting, satirical look at the games industry in [&hellip

    The post IM PLAYIN Hatfall – Yahtzee does it right appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    We here at IM PLAYIN have been playing the hell out of Crimsonland – Thinkbad Monkey had it on his Playstation 4, before we got round to installing it on Romnomnom’s Xbox! We’ve been playing it so much in fact, that we now have 4 fantastic videos on the game – All of which are [&hellip

    The post IM PLAYIN Crimsonland – The Videos appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    Some things are just bound to happen in this world. Nicholas Cage will make a shitty movie, the sun will rise and World of Warcraft will get a new expansion. The sixth expansion pack was announced back at Gamescom 2015 in early August, with a new class for the first time since Mists of Pandaria [&hellip

    The post World of Warcraft: Legion – What we know appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    I wasn’t so keen on the idea, having only escaped out of the place hours before, but it was necessary. We had to head to Rancho in order to improve our supplies – mostly due to it being a more concentrated area of vehicles, and shops, so there wasn’t much choice. We needed more scrap [&hellip

    The post H1Z1 Chronicles Pt 2 – Trouble In The Town appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    OK, so perfect might be a bit of a stretch. ‘Perfect’ isn’t a word that I throw around that much. Well… I use it a lot, but there are only a few scenarios when the word is truly applicable – this probably isn’t one of those scenarios, but it’s close. At first, the Xbox One [&hellip

    The post Updating towards the perfect Xbox One? appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    If there’s one thing that characterises the Battlefield series, it’s those “only in Battlefield” moments. I’ve had my fair share of those moments, whilst playing Battlefield games – you can find one of those almost epic moments on our Facebook page. That being said, I’m not arrogant enough to believe that I, and only I, [&hellip

    The post 5 most epic Battlefield moments appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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  • 06/24/16--10:10: Can Nintendo survive?
  • Next year’s release of Nintendo’s console has me pondering the fortunes of the gaming giant. Coupled with that the fact that Sony are releasing their VR and PS4.5. Microsoft has the One.5 and Scorpio. In all, things could be looking bleak for them. Nintendo has been a staple of the industry for some time. For a while, it was almost synonymous [&hellip

    The post Can Nintendo survive? appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    This is, for me at least, the best FIFA title for some time. I’ve been playing the game through EA Access for a few days now, and I’m loving it so far. And through the Frostbite engine, EA have made some great improvements. From being able to use a player’s body to hold up play, to [&hellip

    The post The FIFA improvements EA refuse to make appeared first on IM PLAYIN.

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    We recently published an article looking at the upcoming Xbox One exclusives – and the lack thereof. But that’s not to say that there aren’t ANY exclusives coming out this year. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to list five Xbox One exclusives, all of which I’m very excited to play. Sea of Thieves [&hellip

    The post 5 Xbox One Exclusives To Look Out For This Year appeared first on IM PLAYIN.